Thursday, December 15, 2016

Riverchase Loves to Code!

Riverchase participated in the annual Hour of Code event, December 5-11. This year the specials teachers joined in the festivities. The librarian, Mrs. Rich, had the fifth graders complete a Scratch project which included animating their name. The art teacher, Mrs. Evans, picked up with the project by helping the fifth grade students add in music. The enrichment teacher, Mrs. Michoudet, had her students create binary code initial bracelets using pony beads. The PE teachers, Coach Gilcrest and Patridge, created obstacle courses and had the students program their way through the course. The STEAM teacher, Ms. Frederick, led a fun coding exploring week with all students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. The stations included Osmo Coding, Scratch, Bee-bot, and Dash. The broadcast team showed videos for inspiration each morning for broadcast. In the classroom, teachers gave students to explore Hour of Code activities. Some of their favorite apps included Kodable and The Foos.

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