Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hour of Code Week at RRES

The students at RRES were CODING away.  Students listened to guest speakers, made bracelets and ornaments from Binary Code, and worked on coding websites.

The guest speakers were from Daxko and IBM. They talked to the students about all kinds of information on coding in the “real world” - everything from how simple computers really are to how complicated creating an app can be. 3rd graders got to hear about what computer science means and had a tutorial on Hour of Code courses. The fourth graders learned more about the Scratch coding program and how to build a game. Fifth grade got to explore a little more in depth from our speaker about the inner workings of code. Several classes “Broke Out” for in advance to prepare for this techy week!

Many classes learned how to read binary code and created a bracelet and/or ornament that displayed a word or phrase.  The students were so excited for their families to figure out their mystery word.

Students have been busy using

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