Tuesday, November 15, 2016

EdPuzzle-Oh the Possibilities!

If you ever use YouTube as a resource in your classroom, then you need to check out EDpuzzle. This really great FREE tool allows you to add questions directly INSIDE the video that your students must answer as they watch the video individually. These questions allow you to make sure your kids are paying attention and learning what it is you expect them to learn from the YouTube clip.

It works like this. You find the video you want your kids to watch and bring it into EDpuzzle. You can get videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, NatGeo, TED, Vimeo, etc. Next, using the EDpuzzle editor, you can trim the clip to just what you want your students to view, insert questions-m/c or short answer and even add your own voice notes into the video. You can even set it to not allow the student to view the rest of the video until they get the question correct. And best of all, you can add your students directly from Google Classroom, which students simply sign in to EDpuzzle and see the videos you have assigned to them. It keeps track of lots of great data including their score, item analysis and even time spent watching. Below is an example so you can see just how it works. This video has Audio Notes as well as several questions.

Go to EDpuzzle to get started!

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