Thursday, August 25, 2016

Innovation and Design Thinking in the Science Classroom

Teacher Interview by Ashley Waring RRES 5th Grade
Innovation and Design Thinking in the Science Classroom

  • What gave you the idea to do this activity with your students?
    • This idea was developed from a Tower of Cups activity from pinterest. It involved important skills for beginning a science classroom according to the Design thinking and 5E model of teaching. This model was more of being a facilitator than teacher.
  • As your students went through the activity, what things did you learn from them?
    • I'll be the first person to roll my eyes when I hear someone at a PD say, "The students were having such meaningful scientific discussions," but this activity truly led to some incredible, student-led discussions on problem solving, being innovative, being a team player, designing and testing prototypes, creativity, working through a problem and being comfortable with failing the first time (first attempt in learning) and leadership-- and discussing what all of those things look like both in the classroom and outside of school
  • Why should all students complete this process?
    • This was a great starting point for beginning the year. I plan on teaching each subject using the Design Thinking and 5 E models. Students have just enough freedom to try and FAIL, modify and re-try, and I am there to facilitate the process. This activity helped my students develop an understanding of my expectations and the design thinking process, and I will refer back to it often throughout the year.
  • Anything else you would like to share?
    • I am here to help anyone else accomplish this activity and answer questions! I have a folder created in Google Drive with all the activities and steps, videos, presentations, etc.


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