Monday, April 11, 2016

Science Brought to Life

Dr. Dobyns (anesthesiologist at UAB) and Mr. Stephen Doran (Laboratory Chemist at UAB) visited Mr. Doran's Chemistry Class at R.F. Bumpus. Dr. Dobyns and Mr. Doran brought the chemistry curriculum to life by demonstrating to the students how fireworks burn at different rates and how the colors of the fireworks are exhibited. Chemical Reactions were demonstrated using acid / base reactions producing salts that when ignited burned different colors as depicted on the ROYGBIV color spectrum. 
Dr. Dobyns spoke about how chemistry is used in the medical field when he uses anesthesia to prepare patients for the operating room.  This discussion included how he has to stop the heart using Potassium (K) while the surgeon operates. He then has to re-start the heart upon completion of the surgery. Dr. Dobyns brought in devices that he uses everyday in the operationg room to show the students how science is being used by everyone.

Students then started experimenting to see what combination of chemicals would produce the coldest ice pack. They worked in groups and the ADI (Argument-Driven Inquiry method to justify their claim.


A couple of 7th grade science classes used a Google form to collect responses from research they did about genetic mutations. Using the ADI method the groups gathered their research. The teacher used a Google Sheets add-on called autoCrat to design a template that when run would merge all the student responses into the template thus making it easier to grade. Here is a LINK to the merge template and here is the LINK to the merged document that was created.

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