Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Author Skype at BGIS

Author Shelley Pearsall Skypes with Mrs. Dolan's 5th gr. Class

It was an exciting morning as students in Mrs. Dolan's 5th grade reading class prepared for the live Skype with author Shelley Pearsall. Students had completed reading the book "All of the Above" and had prepared several questions for Mrs. Pearsall. From her home in Ohio, Mrs. Pearsall answered many questions and showed the students the process she used to write the book. She showed pictures and different book jackets and talked about how she starts with an idea and how that idea grows into chapters and chapters into books. The students had so much fun getting to know her and were happy to ask her questions about why the story went in a certain direction. Thursday the students plan on making some of the recipes which were in the book and Mrs. Pearsall let them know which was her favorite.

You can check out more of her books on her website.


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