Thursday, March 10, 2016

3,2,1, Action!

Bio Buddies
Contributed by Nancy Sherman

In February, Mrs. Sherman’s 2nd grade class at Deer Valley researched famous Americans. The children used AVL (Alabama Virtual Library), QR codes they scanned which took them to a variety of websites and short video clips as they gathered facts about their famous American. They published their facts in a written report with a timeline and then created a Bio Buddy/Person Book to display their reports. Mrs. Sherman added a fun and exciting presentation piece by having each child stand in front of a green screen as they read their reports. She used the iPad app Green Screen by Do Ink. Each video was uploaded to Google Drive, then a QR code was created for each presentation with a link to the video presentation. The projects are displayed in the hall by the classroom. The students have scanned and watched each other’s presentation using the QR Reader app Inigma. Other classes, teachers and guests can drop by with an iPad or other smart device and view these wonderful presentations. The presentations are also on Mrs. Sherman’s class web page.

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