Thursday, February 4, 2016

Student Stock Traders at SMS

6th grade students at Simmons Middle School are learning all about the stock market in their social studies classes through a great ONLINE simulation called Student Stock Trader. This FREE site allows teachers to easily set up classes (students join with a code, so there's no need to enter each student & no personal student info is needed). Each student gets a fixed amount of money to invest and build their own portfolio of real stocks. They spend time researching companies and stock performance, analyzing trends, buying, selling and learning through real market data how the stock market really works. And for some added fun, the site provides a "leaderboard" for the students to have some friendly competition with their peers and teachers. It's extremely engaging and because the market data used in the simulation is real, the kids can check on their stocks throughout the day and see how quickly the market can change. It's fun, engaging and teaching the students some valuable lessons on the complex systems that make up our economy.

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