Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Perfect Timeline Tool

Do you ever have students create timelines? Have you ever needed to create a digital timeline but don't know a simple way to do it? 

Well check out this nifty tool that Northwestern University's "knight lab" has created! It's called the Timeline JS and it allows you to EASILY create media-rich interactive timelines that can be shared and viewed online. It's literally as easy as 1..2..3. You simply fill in a Google Sheets template (provided on their site) with your dates, text, images, videos, songs, sources, etc. and then you publish it to the web. Finally, you copy/paste the published link into the box on Timeline JS and then the magic happens. From your data, it generates an incredibly rich timeline that can be shared, embedded or linked to. It's so powerful that TIME Magazine used it in it's article on Nelson Mandela and 7th grade students at Berry Middle School are using it highlight the events that led to the spread of democracy. It's very easy to use and the site provides excellent instructions, making this a tool that's accessible to anyone who can fill in a Google Sheet and follow a few simple steps. Try it out yourself and you will find it to be a great tool to add to your students' creative toolbox.

Here's an example timeline with random info just so you can see how it looks with different types of media included. 

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