Wednesday, January 6, 2016

From Computer Screen to Reality

The Engineering department at Hoover High school has always been “high tech”  and career driven but they are taking things even further this year. They have several new pieces of equipment that work with SolidWorks ,their computer modeling software.  Technology just had network drops installed so that their new CNC mill can take the projects students create on their computers and form actual parts.
Dr. Mark Conner and D.J. Strickland gave Jonathan Sandlin and me a quick tour of their newest equipment. Dr Conner said the new CNC machine will be able to cut the models from all sorts of material from plastics to metal.  Mr. Strickland said the solidworks computer designs will first be converted to G code. The G Code will control the mill and tell them what tools to use, plus information such as spindle speed, cutting depth and cutting speed. The mill takes all that information and makes the parts. 

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