Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Why Participate in Hour of Code?- Karen Darroch, HCS Tech Integration Coach

Why Participate in Hour of Code?

Hour of Code week is coming up next week, December 7-13. So the big question I have been asked lately is, "Why should my class participate in the Hour of Code?" Last year, as a classroom teacher, I signed my students up for the Hour of Code at I thought it would be fun for my students to participate in a nationwide event. Little did I know when I signed my students up I would become a true believer in the power of code. Yes, the power of code. Last year as a classroom teacher and this year as a technology integration coach, I have witnessed children become leaders who otherwise would follow. I have seen children so excited about code, they continue courses at home offered by I have seen children problem solve, collaborate , and persevere. After teaching a coding class I often ask the students what did they learn. Responses from children include:

  • I learned to never give up!
  • I love the challenge.
  • I learned how important it is to review my work.

Children are curious and want to learn how to make things such as computers and robots do useful things. And while coding is fun, what really matters are the lasting benefits of building skill sets such as logical thinking, problem solving, persistence, collaboration, and communication.

This year the Hoover City Schools Foundation is sponsoring Hour of Code by providing iCode stickers to every student who completes Hour of Code. If you haven't already, please click the link below and sign up your classroom. added two fun coding activities centered around Minecraft and Star Wars. This will be exciting for your students! Contact me if you would like for me to teach an Hour of Code lesson to your students that week.

Thank you Hoover City Schools Foundation for your support!
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