Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Spain Park Teachers BREAK OUT!

Teachers at Spain Park High came together to try a new way of learning, collaborating and problem solving. A group of teachers from a variety of subject areas showed up Wednesday morning to hear that they had 45 minutes to find the antidote to a deadly virus that would be released within the hour. Would they be able to save the world? The game is from Breakout EDU, a new concept in Educational learning. Many have played breakout games across the country and enjoyed the thrill of working against the clock to solve problems with a team. Collaboration, team building, and problem solving are exactly what we need to prepare students so the idea is a great match for education. Ready-made games are available or teachers and students can use templates to create their own standards-based problems to solve. Teachers worked as a team piecing together clues to find the answers and the antidote. With six minutes to spare, they solved the last clue, opened the lock and saved the world! For more information on trying Breakout EDU with your class, see this link.  Kits can be purchased from the site or you can buy what you need on Amazon or other sites that carry the products used in the game.

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