Tuesday, December 8, 2015

IVECA Helps Students Make Global Connections

Five Hoover High teachers and their classes have been collaborating and corresponding electronically with classes in South Korea and Colombia and Brazil.  The cultural and education exchange program through IVECA is in its second year at Hoover High School.  Ms. Jill Thomas, Ms. Lindy Bearden, Ms. Katherine Morris, Ms .Lesa Gibson , Ms. Laine Lamborne and their classes are all getting ready to meet their counterparts through live webinars in the next few weeks.  Ms. Bearden’s class is collaborating with a class in Columbia, Mrs.Gibson’s students are working with a class in South Korea and a class in Brazil and the other classes are all working with different classes and teachers in South Korea.  The classes have obvious curriculum goals and collaborative lessons.  For example,some classes compare and contrast short stories from each of their countries. However, most teachers said that the connections and cultural knowledge the students gained were just as important as what they learned about their academic class. There is also a talent portion of each live class and the students perform dances, sing, play musical instruments and demonstrate how to make popular food and drink items.   We in technology are glad to have the opportunity to help with the technical side of this program and we get to see firsthand how much student benefit from their global connections.

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