Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It is hard not to stop and look when you see a room full of High School Students playing with Mr. Potato Heads and even harder not to stop when you see their teacher with a giant Buccaneer themed Mr. Potato head. 

Mrs. Westerlund and her computer students were using the “spuds” to do a Java lesson.   Mrs. Westerlund  explained that the Giant Potato represented a Super Class in Java . In java that means it was the top most class and all other classes were derived from it and inherited it state and behavior.  The smaller student potatoes would all have started with the same state and behavior but as students overrode those original forms there would be variables created and state and behavior will change.  The students will continue the lesson by creating UML  diagrams.  Unified Modeling Language is a graphical way to look at computer programs and workflows. The student changes ranged from adding different hats to switching the mouth with a ducks bill.  I look forward to seeing how the potato with the duck bill graphed. I guess in Java is like everything else:  “If it quacks like a duck...”

Keith Fulmer, HHS Tech Integration Coach

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