Thursday, December 3, 2015

Google Keep-a Powerful Little Note-Taking Tool

Google Keep is a really powerful note-taking platform with some "note-worthy" features that certainly make it worth checking out. Whether you're a teacher, student or just someone looking for a way to keep up with all those ideas & information you encounter throughout your day, Keep offers some powerful "noting"options in a very simple, user-friendly package that takes only moments to learn and navigate.

And just like most of the Google tools, Keep is web-based, accessible from a computer, has a full-functioning app for both iOS/Android AND allows for users to easily share & collaborate on notes.

So what does it do?

  • Take photos, add a note to go along with it & transcribe the text*. Take a photo of that book cover and remind yourself that you want to look for it next time you're at the library. It will even transcribe the text in an image.  *This "grab text" feature is only available in the browser app or on an Android device, Not in the iOS app.
  • Record a voice memo. and add text or even a photo to go along with it. When you are driving, have a great idea but can't stop to jot it down, create a voice note. It even transcribes it. 
  • Create a checklist. Make your shopping list and "tap" the items to mark them off as you go.
  • Set a Reminder. Every note allows for you to set a reminder for a specific time & even a specific place.        
  • Copy to Google Drive. Keep will add any note/photo/voice memo directly to your Google Drive, allowing you to access & utilize the content in many ways.
  • Share notes with others. You can create a grocery list, share it with your spouse who also uses
    Keep and both add to it so you don't miss anything...all from your smartphone. Any note can be shared with multiple people as long as they have a Google account.  
  • Create Labels for Organizing Notes. You can create different labels that will allow you sort your notes quickly. You could have a label for personal notes and another for work notes.
  • Access Keep from anywhere. Because it's web-based, you can create and manage your notes from within Chrome on a computer, Chromebook or from the app on your phone or tablet.
Keep is robust enough to meet many needs yet simple enough to not be overwhelming. It's quick, it's easy to navigate and I am finding out that it's becoming my go-to tool for keeping up with my notes. You can find the Keep App in the Chrome Web Store HERE. It is also available in the App store on iOS and Android.

For more on Keep, click here.
7 Reasons You Might Actually Want to Use Google Keep from PC Magazine.

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