Monday, December 14, 2015

2 Whiteboarding Options for the Touchscreen Chromebooks

Here are 2 great options for tapping into the power of the touch screen Chromebooks and giving your students the opportunity to create shareable clips explaining their thinking & showing their work.

Pixiclip-allows students to quickly record on a "white board" while adding voice narration to what's happening. The recordings can be up to 5 mins and they are shareable via a link. Students don't have to login or create any type of account. They simply go to the site and start working. Once finished, they "Publish and Share" and it will take them to the finished product. They copy the link for that page and share with whoever they need to. tudents need to be sure an not give personal info in their creationHere's my example.

Educreations-allows students to record on a "white board" with voice narration, just as Pixiclip does, but with a few more options. The pages in Educreations are scrollable AND you can add multiple pages to a recording. It's more robust than Pixiclip...but it does require a sign up. Click here for an example. YOU have to create a teacher account and then students join your class with a code. When students join, they are asked for first/last name and to create a unique username. I would recommend first name and last initial. In the space for email address OR username, they need to just user their student id# as their username and NOT PUT THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS!  For the password, they will need to use their student password. This will put them in your class and give them access to creating their own lessons. You will also have access to their creations under your class roster. It would be smart to create a class for EACH of your actual classes in order to keep everything organized.

Students always need to practice good digital citizenship when publishing anything for a larger audience AND they must not give out personal info in their narrations. 

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