Friday, November 13, 2015

This Little Piggy Went to Google

 Mrs. Sanford and Mrs. Hawkins' at Rocky Ridge Elementary said their little Kindergartners minds have been hard at work! They just finished their first project-based learning and it turned out SO well! During whole group they discussed the different parts of the farm, then were separated into teams based on what they wanted to know about the farm.  They "researched" and talked about what they already knew,and used picture books for facts. The next day, their book buddies came with their Chromebooks to help research and write 3 facts about the farm animals.  The last portion (before the tech) was putting together the dioramas!  "They had access to all my books for ideas, but they didn't get help from me....they created these completely on their own!" said Sanford. "It was incredible to watch!" she exclaimed.  The teachers created a Google Classroom and sent the presentation out to each child. The students then typed on their own using what they had written during the research time.  The students had so much fun learning about the farm!   EXAMPLE

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