Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Professional Development at your convenience
candy and pd is a win-win situation

Hoover High regularly provides teacher led professional learning opportunities.  Tuesday the 17th teachers were invited to come during their planning period and participate in a variety of interesting and informative sessions.  This is peer to peer professional development that has the added value of being teacher tested and offered at a time that does not require teachers to worry about rearranging their after school schedule .The presenters  and the sessions they led were:

1st Period (Presenter-Amy Tew): Grammarly and Paper Rater in the English Classroom (also could be used in history and possibly science)

2nd Period (Presenter- Laine Lamborne): Google Translate and voice typing to assist ELL students

3rd Period (Presenter: Danelle Cash): Oral Presentations using Mic Note

5th Period (A-B; Presenter- Jack Letson):Google Forms for Assessment

5th Period (C-D; Presenter- Jack Letson):Google Forms for Assessment

6th Period (Presenter- Reed Lochamy: Using Google Forms to share examples and samples of students’ work

7th Period (Presenter- Jack Letson in Community Room): Google Forms for Assessment

7th Period (Presenter: Reed Lochamy) Using Socrative for formative assessment and to provide direct feedback to students

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