Friday, November 6, 2015

Can Your Notebook Fly?

YES! Two teachers at Rocky Ridge Elementary are using Virtual Notebooks.  Check out this resource that the teachers are using to enhance student learning.

  • 4th Grade Daniel Schaeffel- "We have been using an interactive virtual notebook in place of a paper and pencil notebook. So far they have a section that is reflections about the task of the day, and a section where the students answer essential questions, take notes, insert drawings, create data tables, and insert graphs. I plan to also add a vocabulary section. This is working out great! I have access to their notebooks any time, and so do they. I do not have a stack of notebooks to flip through, there is no need to copy materials, and the students enjoy the lack of paper and pencil. I can also give quick feedback and comments through Google Sheets. They can also give each other feedback and comments, since everyone's notebooks are in a shared folder. Example
  • 5th Grade Mike Herring-  My students are now keeping a Digital Math Notebook in Google Drive for all of their daily classwork as well as weekly Problem Solving. There is also a Goals setting tab. Example

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