Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Google Apps and the Spain Park Art Walk - A Perfect Fit

Google Apps combined with Spain Park’s 2015 Art Walk allowed students to take a walk through history while easily sharing what they see with others. Marnie Utz, librarian at Spain Park, wanted to give students an easy way to engage with the art. So how do you do this? Add a simple Google form, a Blogger site, and a student device and you are all set! Utz collaborated with the Art teachers to create the Art Walk. Students found directions and links to online activities on the form. Students were able to edit responses over multiple days using the edit responses feature in Google Forms by bookmarking the edit link. Using Blogger’s Email to Blog feature, students could easily use Chromebooks to email selfies with their favorite selections from each time period to the blog for immediate posting. “This is the first time we’ve used this type of technology with the Art Walk,” said Utz. “Overall it worked well and we learned a few things on how we can make it even better next time.”

One thing she learned was to make sure students put key words such as the Art Walk Station number in the subject of the email so that the blog posts are easily searchable by station in the future. Art Teacher Carolyn Warren liked the use of Google Forms. “It created a sense of accountability for the students and helped guide them through the exhibits. Students are comfortable with the Chromebooks so it seems like a natural fit.” The teachers have plans to incorporate Google Classroom for the next Art Walk.
Google Forms had links to online resources.

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