Friday, October 30, 2015

Chrome OS not going away any time soon.

So yesterday the Wall Street Journal tried to stir the pot some. 

Most people who kept up with tech knew this was coming at some point, but they sensationalized people into thinking this is a bad thing and its going to kill chromebooks. I mean Google put the top Android engineer at the lead position of the Chrome OS division for a reason.

This is good news for Chrome OS users. Alphabet(google) is far from killing chromebooks.  Microsoft did the same thing with its mobile version of Windows OS. My thinking is that Google just wants to be able to run the Android OS on desktops and laptops in the future. Why would you have two different things to focus on instead of simplifying things? Putting which ever OS won on multiple devices makes life easier for everyone. I have sat in rooms and asked if we could put droid OS on laptops for years now. They are finally making that happen. We teach kids the skills not the OS, or we should.

The following tweet says alot:

Tweet from the SVP of Android, Chromecast, Chrome OS @google.  @lockheimer
I am not worried, there is something 10x time better coming within the next few years. The new product isn't expected to release until 2017.

UPDATE: GOOGLE's Response:
Several stories in the press are speculating that we’re “folding the Chrome operating system into Android”. This is not true: Chrome OS is not going away. In fact, we are continuing to invest heavily in Chrome OS. We’ve seen amazing momentum with Chromebooks, for example, which are the number one educational device for schools in the US and have topped Amazon’s bestselling laptops list for the past two holiday seasons. The PR team is currently working to correct these inaccurate stories.

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