Thursday, June 4, 2015

Update on migration

Thank you for your patience during this very busy time for Hoover City Schools. We hope that it has been a peaceful transition for most of you. On a technical side we had no problems other than a few passwords that were miskeyed. As of Thursday morning all email, calendar and contacts from March 1st until today has synced over to google. We will now start the migration of all your older content, this will take weeks to copy over. Please be patient.

Things that we are hearing over and over again that may need your attention.

Outlook or  Will not allow you to access your email. You will again have access to your email through using the login information below. During this migration, we will be resetting your password as stated below. This password will also be used for school computers. You received an email last week with that information included.

   Your Login Information for Gmail & School Computers
   Computer Login ID: this is the same as your normal login
   Email & Gmail Login ID:
   Password: Phillips1234

If you used NOTES on Outlook, you will need to go to your desktop and login and copy that information to a document. They will not be copied over.

Which accounts are all tied to our Active Directory Computer Login? (These all will be the exact login and password you use to login to the computer each morning.)
   SysAid (technology workorders)
   Google Apps (Gmail)
   School InSites

How do I turn off Conversation View in Gmail? 
How do I create a signature for my email?
How do I add my account back to a smart phone?
All of these are answered on our page at www.hcseli.comand click on the “Google Migration” tab.

Thank you for your patience during this transition. 

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