Friday, May 8, 2015

Underclassmen Turn in of devices

Parents and Students:
Please be aware of the following information- IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE DEVICE PROTECTION PLAN
  1. ALL students that DID NOT buy the device protection plan will have to turn in his/her device by May 29, 2015.
  2. After May 29, 2015, police reports will be filed for any unreturned devices.
  3. The technology staff will be present at both high schools during the week of exams for students to return their devices once exams are complete. Any students that do not return their devices the week of exams will have to bring them to the Old Berry location to return them the week of May 26-29th.
  4. ALL students must return their device and charger. The cost for a replacement chromebook charger is $40.00 and an iPad charger is $30.00. These fees will be added to the student’s my school fees account. We cannot accept on site payment.
  5. (current Sophomores and Juniors ONLY)Before returning your iPad, you must delete find my iPad and erase all content and settings. Instructions can be found here:
  6. Any devices that cannot be wiped/reset are considered a total loss and therefore will be charged a total loss fee of $50.00. You must fill out this form and pay the $50.00 fee for your device to be considered not stolen. The form to fill out for lost/locked devices can be found here:
**We must have this form filled out and the fee paid by May 29, 2015.
***You must be logged in with account to fill it out.
  1. When paying for technology fees, you must select IT Department instead of your school. The Technology Department can only accept online payments. We cannot accept cash or checks on site. More in depth My School Fees directions can be found on our website

Handout of devices for the new school year will begin the week before school starts. Those dates will be sent out as soon as they are available. All students grades 9-12 will receive a Dell Touchscreen Chromebook.

The Device Protection Plan for the 2015-2016 school year will be available on beginning August 1st.

If you have the device protection plan here is information you will need!
iPads to Chromebooks swap- (current Sophomores and Juniors ONLY)
Throughout the summer we will offer specific dates for those students who wish to exchange their ipad for a Dell touchscreen Chromebook. We will offer dates throughout the month of June at the Old Berry location. We will offer times at the school site as well during July. These dates will be sent out as soon as we are able to secure space in each facility to complete exchanges. Any students who have not turned their iPad in by August 10th must do so. This is the mandatory hand in date. Any iPads not turned in by August 10th will be considered stolen.

Repairs for Summer-
Summer repairs will be conducted at the Old Berry campus ONLY. Your device protection plan covers the device until the first day of school for 2 breaks at no charge. In the event you use those 2 breaks (or if you have used them throughout the school year), the charge will depend on the cost of the repair. The protection plan is purchased every school year.

Summer hours for repairs will be posted on our website
Our website also contains the service request form as well answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

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