Monday, May 4, 2015

Exchange to Google Migration


Hoover City Schools will officially become a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) school district and complete its migration from Microsoft Outlook services to Google for email, calendar, and contacts. This process will take place the first week of June. Below is a timeline we expect to follow closely. This is a huge operation and it will take several days to complete. Utilizing the resources we have contracted to help us, we have formulated this plan involving several different moving pieces. That being said, please be patient as we work through the plan. We will be available to help, and nothing will be lost. The current exchange email servers will still be in place. This is the most current information and anything that was stated before this was what we had expected up to that point. There are certain action items that we ask you to follow, and they are your responsibility to help make this a seamless transition. They are highlighted in Green.

All current information can be found at   

ON MAY 15, 2015.
Google should automatically migrate Email, Calendar and Contacts.

1.  Clean out your Exchange account in Outlook by May 15, 2015. Large accounts will take longer to migrate.
  • Delete any unnecessary emails.
  • Empty Deleted Items.
    • Right click on Deleted Items.
    • Empty Folder.

2. Bookmark any current Google Sites you have created.
  • Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Open each Google site and bookmark by clicking the star on the omnibar (web address bar).
  • Note: This step is needed to help you locate any sites created with in the address following the migration. Additional instructions will given later.

3. Have you created a Google account with your email address?
  • If you have previously created a personal Gmail account using your current, please fill out this form so we can give you an extra set of directions to help your migration.

On June 1

We will begin the migration/copying of the data. We will start by moving your last 45 days of email. That will take several days. Your last year of email will follow soon after. This process will take a little over two weeks to complete.

After June 1

To Check your Email (Off-campus)
  • Navigate to
  • To log in
    • Enter your email address
    • Your default password will be Lastname+last four of social security number. (first letter of last name will be a capital letter)
Example: for John Smith= Smith1234
NOTE: You will be prompted to change this password the first time you are on campus and login to your Windows laptop/desktop.

To Check your Email (On-campus)
  • If you are on campus, login to your Windows desktop/laptop.Your default password will be Lastname+last four of social security number. (first letter of last name will be a capital letter)
Example: for John Smith= Smith1234
  • You should automatically a receive a prompt to change your password. This will also be your new Google password.
  • Navigate to and log in using your and the password you just created.

Over the next few weeks we will pass on more information as soon as we finalize the details. Including mobile devices and other more personal needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please put those here. We will create a FAQ on


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