Thursday, April 30, 2015

HCS ELI Summer Device Information

Over the last few years Hoover City Schools has been implementing an initiative to put the most innovative and engaging tools for learning into our students’ hands. We are pleased to say that all students in grades 3-12 now have the opportunity to use HCS owned Chromebooks as their own. HCS will continue to strive to encourage and support our students, teachers and administrators grow as creative, innovative, problem solvers able to harness technology as a vehicle for collaborative learning. It is an evolving process and we appreciate your input and your feedback.
HCS has made a goal to offer students a 24/7 accessibility to learning through the “Engaged Learning Initiative” (ELI). The individual use of technology is a way to empower students to maximize their full potential and to prepare for college and the workplace. Right now, your student falls into one of the following three categories. If you:

  • have paid for the Engaged Learning Initiative Protection plan, your student will be allowed to keep the device over the summer.
  • have not paid for Engaged Learning Initiative Protection planyour student will return the device to the school for inventory before the end of the school year.
If you would like to purchase the protection plan now to allow your student to take the device home, the site (linked to this document) will be available until April 30. Please go here for directions on how to do so. By purchasing the protection plan, you will have access to the device for the summer of 2015. After May 1, 2015 you will be purchasing the protection plan for the 2015-2016 school year. If you are unsure if you have paid for the protection plan, you can email and someone from the HCS tech department will respond within a few days.

If your student is not planning on attending a HCS school next year, please turn the device in before school ends on May 21, 2015.

Scavenger Hunt

Everyone gets a little burned out at the end of the school year, so why not plan something fun? The Kindergarten teachers at Rocky Ridge participated in an Interactive Projector Scavenger Hunt.  It was definitely an engaged and fun activity for all.  I challenge you to step out of your box and try something different this month to keep the fire burning.   Example

Google Education on Air- May 8 & 9


Day 1 - Friday, May 8th: Leading for the future
Tune in next Friday to join the discussion about the skills of the future. Our panels and keynotes will include the views of the most important people in education: the students. For example during her keynote student Brittany Wenger will share how her family and teachers nurtured her curiosity, which allowed her to create Cloud4Cancer, a cloud-based system that helps doctors diagnose breast cancer and leukemia.

Please note that some of the day 1 times may shift a few minutes to fit the many speakers who want to join us. Check the schedule next week for the latest times.
Day 2 - Saturday May 9th: Shaping the classroom today
Sessions for Educators

Regardless of the age of the students you teach, you'll hear practical tips from other educators that you can apply right away.

Here are just some of the over 40 sessions for educators:
Sessions for Administrators

Tune in as administrators share ideas about how to innovate, save time and support students and staff.

Here are just a few of the over 20 sessions for administrators:
Sessions for IT

Whether your school is high-tech or just getting started, you’ll hear practical ideas about how to improve teaching and learning with technology.

Here are just a few of the over 20 sessions offered for IT professionals:
We hope these sessions get you excited for Education on Air. Please help us spread the word to educators and families. Even if they can’t make the whole conference, they can register and we’ll let everyone know when the recordings are available.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Attend AETC for free!

Want to attend AETC for free? Apply to be a facilitator!  

Volunteers are needed to serve as facilitators for the one-hour sessions offered on June 10 and 11; and the hands-on workshops June 9-11. This will only require about a three- to four-hour commitment on any of these dates. By volunteering to be a facilitator, your registration fee for AETC will be waived.

Facilitator duties for the one-hour sessions and the hands-on workshops are included on the sign-up sheet. Technical assistance will be available on each hall if there are technical problems.

Click the link for more information! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

HCS Learn, Teach, Inspire Learning Conference 2015

Join the Curriculum and Instruction department for three days of personalized professional development. A wide variety of sessions will be offered. More details to come!

July 21-23 8:30AM-3:30PM

Click HERE for a link to the full summer PD calendar. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Local Business Owners- We need you!

    On behalf of Hoover City Schools, Brian Phillips, Chief Technology Officer of Hoover City Schools would like to request permission for Hoover students to use Wi-Fi available through local businesses. Hoover City Schools uses instructional technology as one way of enhancing the mission to prepare and inspire all students for lifelong success by teaching the skills, knowledge and behaviors students will need as responsible citizens in the global community.
    Excellence in education requires that technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the education program. In an effort to increase access to those 21st century skills, HCS has made it a goal to offer students a 24/7 accessibility to their learning through this "Engaged Learning Initiative" (ELI). The individual use of technology is a way to empower students to maximize their full potential and to prepare them for college and the workplace.

    They want to list the businesses that provide students with a safe environment outside of their homes to continue their education. If you are willing to be a partner with Hoover City Schools, we will provide you with a sticker for your door so that our students know you are contributing to their access. We will also list your business as a location our students can go to and safely use their devices on the school website. If you are willing to partner with us, please fill out this form, and we will provide you with any information you need. Thank you for your consideration. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chromebook Parent night for grades 3-5

Parents of students in grades 3-5,

Are you ready for your child to bring home the HCS Chromebook this summer? Join the HCS ELI team to discuss responsible digital citizenship, available educational resources and more!

May 14
Old Berry Media Center
2826 Columbiana Road Hoover, AL 35216

Bring your child’s Chromebook and Google login, if possible. 

Click HERE for the flyer sent via SchoolMessenger. 

Spain Park High creates a Testimonial Tuesday blog

Check out a post from the blog SPHS started to showcase how tech has changed instruction and empowered teachers this school year. 

New Updates for Google Classroom

One of the most requested features has been added to Google Classroom. Now your class can have more than one teacher! Check out the full list of updates below. 


Thursday, April 16, 2015

So three years ago today we took a group to Westlake, Texas to look at their LEAP Initiative. Looking back over the time since the trip, I can say that our students have changed. Our teachers have changed. There are some of the most amazing things happening here. Our students are better prepared for college or their career because of the tools that have been provided for them. I want to take this time to thank the tech team, the teachers, the administrators, the students, our Board and the community for their support and patience in working through the past few years. I wouldn't want to do anything else with my time or life. I am extremely lucky to be a part of something this amazing and innovative. 


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

GES 2nd Graders

GES students are learning about flowers and plants.

I spent the day with Gwin 2nd graders teaching them about flowers and plants. Each student rotated through 5 stations.  The students were so engaged and had a fun time learning.

My favorite quote of the day was when a teacher said, "You went over the directions and what to do at each station once! Not one kid has asked what to do!"

Jamie Nutter

* Students were working with Osmo tangrams creating flowers and plants.

* Students were using the interactive projector to watch a short video on the the parts of a plant and then had to label each part.

*Students used the app Visual Poetry to type words that they had leaned about describing flowers and plants.

* Students made music with flowers using Makey Makey.

* Students designed their own creative flower by coloring and crafting.